Server Details

We're getting the gang back together!

We've been playing together for years (at least since version 1.2.1 for some of us!), and we've followed each other across many different servers over that time. We've built a community together! We've suffered through the terrifying first nights together, conquored dragons together, and painfully helped each other transport villagers across the world.

Lately though, we've had to jump from server to server, each time starting from scratch. And as time has progressed, we've all gotten busier, to the point that we no longer play together. This is an attempt to fix that.

Player Statistics

See here for player statistics.

TODO: Figure out the right Docker incantation to run pdinklag/MinecraftStats, this Nginx container, the minecraft server, and the Nginx reverse proxy all together on the same host.


Here's who plays with us. Let me know if you want to be added, removed, or want to change something.

Skin render dc33d21d-50af-4708-974f-2ecbc6945a9c

Maintainer. Likes building big, very beautiful things. Also has no time to build big things.

Skin render f497e600-e74d-454a-8b8b-61d3c4bbbc5f

Really likes quartz. Like, maybe a little too much.

Skin render b64b9d15-5f61-4c16-abce-9f5c73cc4f00

Likes building big, slightly-less-than-beautiful things.

Skin render f3d82504-5fd8-4001-8998-3482c97c3888

Likes horses to a questionable degree.

Skin render 3a372c7e-9666-42a2-97ad-cafcc6389136

Builds the biggest things, but never gets them done.

Skin render f56bf26d-f91d-4c17-8c7c-da1a07acc7e3


Skin render c3daff47-0755-4f46-b1ba-4c1b2f6c8ecd

“You can put whatever for bio”

Skin render 06098d7e-ebb8-4b3b-9035-70766e0b755b

Overly-excited most of the time.

Skin render 63f0e717-c5a7-408d-a727-a913fa5c1de3

Hates mining, and loves turtles.